No opportunity should be lost to create a sustainable future together

Our projects are designed to allow participation of local utilities, energy cooperatives, cities, intermunicipal organizations, …

Circular develops a local Circular Economy Service company or short CESCO for large scale districts. This CESCO manages multi-district services like district heating, electric mobility, water circularity, local energy communities, …

By managing multiple utilities at once, opportunities otherwise lost, are now valorized.

Circular believes that local participation results in smooth operation of the local CESCO.
The CESCO will have local rooting which will benefit the district and it’s inhabitants.

For example, local energy cooperatives or water-utilities can participate in the future CESCO.
They can participate in the investment or exploitation.
In this way they can expand their knowledge and participate in the infrastructure for the 21st century.

From SoGent, the urban development company of the city of Ghent, we invite real estate developers to place sustainability high on the agenda in new construction and renovation.

Frank Van Goethem

Directeur bedrijfsvoering SoGent.

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