Kick-start your project with a feasibility scan

What do we do in a feasibility scan?

Every project is different and requires a tailor made approach.

With Circular we think out of the box, are system thinkers, always with our noses towards the future.

So what do we do in a feasibility scan?

Together we investigate the feasibility of sustainability services in the project.

Think of energy and water services like district heating, local water treatment and reuse, local energy communities, electric mobility, green areas, …

We look at links with the neighborhood, natural environment, nearby industries, …

Together we select the best technologies, determine operational boundaries, assist in master planning and perform an initial financial calculation to see what is feasible for the real estate development.

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A sustainable business model

In the heart of every feasibility scan, there is a sustainable business model.
When developing our business model, we translate the added value of sustainability into a long-term service and business model.

In this way long-term benefits, otherwise lost are now valorized.

We were looking for an environmentally friendly home anyway, but in our new residential area, the sustainability exceeds our imagination.

Maaike Van Liefde


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Our core competences

Sustainability services

  • Out-of-the box and integrated thinking: Connecting different district services into one CESCO, short for Circular Economy Service Company
  • Integrated sustainability technology know-how: experience with almost all common technologies used in circular neighbourhoods: district heating, solar panels, battery storage, charging stations, smart grids, local wastewater treatment and water reuse , vacuum sewer network, ..

CESCO creation

Circular has experience in the creation of a local exploitation company or Circular Economy Service company (CESCO), including its costs and all it’s prerequisites.

  • Creation of local Circular Economy Service Company: shareholder and stakeholder management
  • Legal construction and requirements.
  • Local legal framework: up to date knowledge, define operational boundaries and cashflow strategies
  • Inclusion of local utilities and ESCO’s, ..
  • Best practice in terms of governance, financial reporting, accountancy ( w/ incorporation of subsidies)

Business model development

  • Knowledge database on actual costs and performance of sustainable technologies
  • Total Lifecycle Analysis: CAPEX, OPEX and possible revenue streams for water, energy and mobility services
  • Cost optimization via smart control (Energy management system)
  • Financing frameworks: project financing with strategic partners, inclusion of local community and utilities, subsidies and opportunities

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