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Circular energy manager



Cost optimization using grid

  • Anticipate day-ahead prices and local solar energy production: deferred consumption or use of battery storage
  • Switch on consumers at negative prices (heat pump, battery storage)
  • Grid balancing

Maximizing self-consumption

  • Optimal battery use
  • Smart determination of access capacity of charging infrastructure

Peak shaving in relation to capacity tariff

  • Modulate battery charging power
  • Modulate heat pump
  • Adjust available energy for charging station infrastructure
  • Configurable priority for disconnect strategy


Cost optimization heat sources
• Give priority to heat from the cheapest source (residual heat, heat pump, fossil gas, CHP)
• Use predicted heat demand to take advantage of flexibility in the heating network

Maximizing self-consumption
• Demand management for maximum use of local and sustainable heat

Platform and user interface

Cloud-based management interface

  • Configuration relevant for (C)ESCO end user
  • Real-time energy flows (electricity and heat)
  • Visualization of the share of electricity and heat sources in the total energy supply over time
  • Dashboards for costs (e.g. savings through battery use, cost of charging stations, etc.) and sustainability impact (e.g. emission savings through the use of sustainable heat or local solar energy)
  • Data export functionality


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